Looking Great to the One That Matters Most

 The saying for weddings is true: "All eyes on the bride." But she'll be only looking at one person. We would love to be a part of your special day. Whether it's a classic black tuxedo or a wedding-specific custom suit, we are looking forward to working with you on your specific needs. We are confident that with our wide selection of weaves and colors, we will have a match that is perfect for you.  Let us help you look best on your most important day.


Why Our Suits?
When all is said and done, your customization choices are the first things that people will see and are certain to catch some eyes earn some nods, but the true beauty of our craftsmanship lies in the finer details. While these details, individually, do not guarantee that a suit is well-crafted (This applies to any company), together they create a suit that defines quality. Quality is not ever determined by one or two detail points, quality is determined by the culmination and totality of all the little details.  

No Ridiculous Markups
Did you know that traditional suit markups run around 8x the price to make the garment? At TruTailor Company, we take pride in providing the best possible garment at the best possible rate. Our markups average less than half of the traditional markups that most retailers charge.

Perfect Fit Guarantee
Above anything else we want to ensure that the fit is a perfect one. This is why we cover your alterations necessary to obtain a perfect fit within the original price quoted. We like to personally take care of this portion, so you won't have to go out of your way.

All of our suits start by simply giving us a call to schedule a consultant to meet with you at one of our locations convenient to you. Most custom suit companies take multiple visits to the tailor to achieve a final product. However, with our Tru-Fit process, we guarantee a proper fit right out of the box. Only a select few of our suits require an additional minor alteration, which we give an allowance credit for. So, in a nutshell, you only have to meet with us twice: the initial consultation(where we measure you and you choose your options) and the initial fitting when we've finished your handcrafted garment.

Premium Quality Fabrics
Our fabrics are also used by big name brands that price their garments in the thousands of dollars. Also, if you've seen a style you wanted, chances are we carry it considering we carry tens of thousands of different combinations all available to view during the initial consultation.

All of our wool is 100% Virgin Worsted, which means our wool is not cheap recycled wool that is broken apart and re-spun. 

Our linings are made from a high-quality brand of cupro called Bemberg. Bemberg is known for its light, durable, silky touch. Bemberg is made from cotton, but the makeup of the fibre is made to carry unique properties. It is known to wick sweat and humidity away from the body while carrying a anti-static and anti-cling for comfort. Bemberg cupro is also green and biodegradable.
Half or Full Canvas 
Fused material that some department store brands use are likely to get distorted after multiple pressing and wearing The result is a jacket that is crunched, bunched or unnatural looking. We make your suit with, at a minimum, half canvas to ensure effortless draping.  
Pick Stitching  
One of the factors that points to handcrafted workmanship. Though this is something you can opt out of, keeping it definitely doesn’t hurt. 
Does not determine that quality of the suit itself, but allows those admiring your inner lining to know your suit was tailored just for you. 
Shirt-banded Dress Pants 
Sitting is the bane of all suit wearers. One moment you’re standing in front of a mirror looking perfect, the next you’re getting into your car and your dress shirt pops out from the back. All of our dress pants are lined with a band to help keep your dress shirt where it belongs. 
Reinforced Heels 
Extra fabric is important for suits with a more classic look. (Longer dress pants) Great for weathering against wear and tear and recommended forpants worn often. 
Functional Buttons (Option not encouraged on first suit) 
Little margin of error in terms of adjustments. Functional buttons are clear indicators of a suit jacket custom fit to you.  
Circular Armholes 
Oval armholes are made for the masses. It’s more “flexible” in the sense that suit makers can cater to the general public. But try lifting up your arms and you’ll see the irony. True flexibility comes with circular armholes which are only found in truly custom suits. 


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