Our Difference

All of our suits are hand-crafted to your specifications to give you full control of your style and fit.

When it comes to making a lasting impression, your customization choices take center stage, capturing attention and earning admiration. Yet, the true essence of our craftsmanship resides in the exquisite details. While individual elements may not singlehandedly define the quality of a suit (this holds true for any company), collectively, they weave a tapestry of excellence. Quality emerges not from isolated particulars but from the harmonious amalgamation of myriad intricate elements. 

TruFit: Our custom process sets us apart, primarily through our impeccable fit and the fact that we don't use preset cuts like most custom shops. All of our garments are made from scratch along with your personal garment patterns much like the bespoke process. We achieve a fit that rivals bespoke tailoring, minus the hassle of numerous fittings. How? We conduct a comprehensive body analysis and gather data from over 20 key measurement points. This data guides us in fine-tuning the garment's cut, accommodating factors such as posture, arm angles, shoulder slope, leg shape, hip proportions, and limb dimensions. It's the only way to attain a truly perfect fit, distinguishing us from most custom shops that can't quite attain that coveted bespoke fit. Furthermore, our precision laser cutting ensures consistent results across all orders, replicating the perfection of the initial fitting.

Convenience: Our suit journey begins with a straightforward online form, enabling you to schedule a consultation at your convenience, in one of our accessible locations. Unlike many custom suit companies that necessitate multiple tailor visits, our Tru-Fit process guarantees an impeccable fit with minimal fittings. For the select few suits requiring minor alterations, we take care of them, all included in the original price.

Premium Quality Fabrics: Our fabrics mirror those favored by high-end brands commanding thousands of dollars. We proudly carry the world's most renowned fabric brands, offering an extensive array of options viewable during your initial consultation. Every strand of our 100% Virgin Worsted wool exudes quality, distinguishing it from recycled, low-grade alternatives. Our linings, crafted from Bemberg cupro, are renowned for their lightweight, durable, and silky characteristics. They wick away sweat and humidity, offer anti-static and anti-cling properties for comfort, and boast eco-friendly, biodegradable attributes.

Half or Full Canvas: Unlike fused materials employed by department store brands, we employ a minimum of half canvas to ensure your suit drapes effortlessly. Our canvassing features imported German horsehair, further enhancing the quality.

Pick Stitching: Although optional, pick stitching adds a touch of handcrafted artistry to your suit, an option worth considering for those seeking a refined touch.

Monogram: While a monogram doesn't determine a suit's quality, it serves as a testament to the personalized tailoring of your garment, catching the eye of admirers who appreciate the bespoke touch.

Optional Shirt-banded Dress Pants: Addressing the common issue of shirt tails peeking out when seated, our optional waistbands inside the pants ensure a polished look even after hours of wear.

Reinforced Heels: Ideal for longer dress pants, reinforced heels offer added durability and protection against wear and tear, making them a practical choice for frequent use.

Functional Buttons (Option not encouraged on first suit): Functional buttons leave little room for adjustments, signaling a suit jacket tailored precisely to your measurements, best reserved for those well-acquainted with custom suiting.

Circular Armholes: Circular armholes, exclusive to truly custom suits, provide superior flexibility compared to their oval counterparts, emphasizing comfort and ease of movement.

Light Shoulder Padding: Our imported German shoulder pads, featuring minimal padding, accentuate your natural shoulder curvature, enhancing both the drape and comfort of your suit.

Optional Milanese Buttonholes: For the connoisseur of handmade luxury, our Milanese buttonholes offer a bespoke touch, each meticulously handcrafted to provide subtle variations and the ultimate opulent experience.

Reinforced Slack Lining: To ensure the longevity of our slacks, we reinforce the inner lining, guarding against friction-induced wear and preserving the outer wool's pristine condition. We are committed to crafting garments that stand the test of time.