Why Our Shirts?

From cuffs to two-toned plackets and collars, we work with our clients to obtain the perfect fitting shirt they desire with nearly any possible customization.

The first tell of a cheap shirt isn’t tipped from the feel or the origin of fabric. It comes after your first glance. Spend some time with someone who opted for “cheaper” alternatives and you’ll soon realize what the price really cut out, and why you have that hunch about the quality of a shirt without even knowing seeing the price tag. 
Endless Combinations of Style Options
In a nutshell, you name it, we can more than likely deliver it. We feature anything from slanted french cuffs, two-toned collars, custom monograms, and much more. 
100% Cotton
Сotton fabrics are durable and chemically stable.This means that they can handle the chemicals in human sweat, soaps, detergents etc quite well. Cotton has an impressive water absorbance capacity. In humid atmosphere cotton fabric can absorb 27% of water without feeling damp. Cotton fabrics are breathable and hypoallergenic. Most importantly its low thermal conductivity makes it an ideal fabric across seasons. Cotton fabrics have very low elasticity characteristics, so they almost never stretch, even though they do shrink in hot temperatures when wet. Best of all our cotton is sourced from the best mills which are also used by expensive shirt retailers charging more than double our rate.
Reinforced Crisscross Buttons 
You can immediately tell if a button is flimsy. They tend to hang low and simply look cheap. All of our buttons sewn multiple times so that they can withstand substantial amounts of pressure that comes with everyday wear. Rest assured that whether you are buttoning up for an interview or rolling sleeves for a dance-off, the buttons will anchor your life decisions.  
Pattern Symmetry 
Fabrics that are cheap are hastily constructed which leads to a finished product that is asymmetrical. Naturally, your eyes are attracted to free flowing, symmetrical patterns, a dissonance in such tends to sway you away, subconsciously. Overlaps on patterns or checks that don’t perfectly align at the shoulder break are simply unappealing. Our tailors take these into consideration while constructing a shirt that not only fits well, but looks great. 
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