What's the deal about canvasing?

  • By The TTC Blog Guy

When you're looking to buy a high-quality suit, the term "canvasing" may come up. Canvasing refers to the layer of material that's placed between the suit's outer fabric and lining. The canvasing affects the overall fit, comfort, and drape of the suit. So, let's explore the different types of canvasing options for a suit.

  1. Fused Canvasing

Fused canvasing is a cheaper option that's commonly found in lower-end suits. It's made by gluing a layer of synthetic material to the suit's outer fabric. Fused canvasing is lightweight and gives a more structured appearance, but it doesn't allow the suit to drape naturally on the body. It also doesn't breathe as well as other canvasing options, which can make it uncomfortable to wear for long periods.

  1. Half-Canvasing

Half-canvasing is a combination of fused and full canvasing. It has a fused layer on the front of the suit jacket and a canvas layer on the upper half of the jacket, including the lapels, chest, and shoulders. Half-canvasing provides a more natural drape and better breathability than fused canvasing, while still being relatively affordable.

  1. Full Canvasing

Full canvasing is the most traditional and expensive option for suit canvasing. It involves using a layer of horsehair canvas that's hand-stitched into the suit's fabric. Full canvasing provides a natural drape, better breathability, and allows the suit to mold to the wearer's body over time. The horsehair canvas also provides structure and support to the suit's shape, helping it to retain its shape over time.

  1. Synthetic Canvasing

Synthetic canvasing is a newer option that uses a blend of synthetic and natural materials. It provides many of the benefits of full canvasing, such as breathability and durability, while being more affordable than traditional canvasing options. It also provides a natural drape that allows the suit to move with the wearer's body.

In conclusion, there are several different types of canvasing options available for a suit. The choice of canvasing can affect the suit's fit, comfort, and durability. When selecting a suit, it's essential to consider the canvasing type and choose one that suits your budget, style, and preferences. A higher quality canvasing will not only make the suit look better but also last longer and feel more comfortable.

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