Personalization in Detailing

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Personalization in Detailing

Customization options have become more intricate. Clients can now choose unique lapel styles, contrasting buttonhole threads, monogram placements, and more. These details allow for self-expression and make each suit truly one-of-a-kind.


The beauty of contemporary custom suiting lies not only in the fit and fabric but also in the intricate details that allow for self-expression and individuality. Customization options have reached a level of intricacy that empowers clients to craft truly unique, one-of-a-kind suits. Let's delve into the personalized detailing that has become a hallmark of modern bespoke suiting:



Lapel Styles: Custom suit lapels are no longer limited to the classic notched, peak, or shawl styles. Today, clients can choose from a plethora of lapel designs, including wide, narrow, peak lapels with a deep gorge, or even the elegant and unique fish-mouth lapels. This choice allows individuals to convey their personal style and taste through the lapel design.


Contrasting Buttonhole Threads: Details as subtle as the buttonhole thread color can be customized. Clients can opt for a contrasting thread color that complements or contrasts with the suit fabric, adding a dash of personality to the ensemble. It's a small touch that can make a big impact.


Monogramming: Monogramming has long been a hallmark of personalization in custom suiting, but it has become even more intricate. Clients can select the size, font, and placement of their monogram, allowing them to add a discreet, personalized touch to their suit. It can be placed on the cuffs, inside the jacket, or even on the shirt collar.


Interior Linings: The interior lining of a custom suit is a canvas for artistic expression. Clients can choose from a wide array of colorful and patterned linings that can be as bold or understated as they desire. This hidden detail can be a secret style statement or a reflection of one's favorite colors and patterns.


Functional Buttonholes: Surgeon's cuffs or functional buttonholes on the jacket sleeves offer a sophisticated touch and a sense of authenticity. Clients can choose the number of buttons and their placement, enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of the suit.


Pocket Styles: The customization of pockets has become more intricate. Clients can opt for ticket pockets, patch pockets, or flap pockets, each contributing to a different look and functionality. The choice of pocket styles can influence the overall impression of the suit.


Button Selection: The buttons on a custom suit can be more than just a functional detail. Clients can choose from a variety of materials, including horn, mother-of-pearl, or custom-designed buttons, further enhancing the suit's uniqueness.


These intricate customization options in client's custom suiting allow individuals to showcase their personality, style preferences, and attention to detail. Whether it's a discreet monogram, a unique lapel design, or a carefully selected lining, these personalized details transform a custom suit into a work of art that truly represents the wearer. The resulting garment is not just clothing; it's a reflection of one's identity and individuality.



Aaron Clark, Senior Irvine Style Consultant

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