Modern Silhouettes

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Modern Silhouettes

Custom suits have moved away from the boxy, oversized styles of the past. Tailors now create sleek and streamlined silhouettes that cater to contemporary tastes, emphasizing a trim fit that complements the wearer's physique.


The evolution of modern silhouettes in custom suiting represents a significant departure from the traditional, often boxy and loose-fitting suits that were prevalent in the past. This transformation is a response to the evolving fashion preferences and lifestyles of contemporary clients. Here's a more detailed look at this aspect of custom suiting:


Streamlined Fit: One of the most prominent features of modern silhouettes is the emphasis on a streamlined fit. These suits are tailored to closely follow the lines of the wearer's body, providing a sharp and elegant appearance. This trim fit not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also complements the wearer's physique, making them look more athletic and put-together.


Tapered Trousers: Traditional suit trousers used to have a wider leg, creating a more voluminous appearance. In contrast, modern custom suits feature tapered trousers that narrow down towards the ankles. This tapered design adds a contemporary touch while ensuring a more flattering and stylish look.



Narrower Shoulders: The shoulder construction in modern suits is often narrower, which enhances the overall proportion of the suit jacket. This design choice contributes to a sleeker and more youthful appearance. It also aligns with the current trend of emphasizing a V-shaped upper body.



Higher Armholes: Modern suit jackets tend to have higher armholes. This allows for better freedom of movement and a snug fit around the arms. It's a subtle detail that adds to the overall comfort and style of the suit.


Minimal Padding: While older suits often had heavily padded shoulders to create a broader look, contemporary suits usually feature minimal padding or soft shoulder construction. This results in a more natural, unstructured appearance that's in line with the modern preference for comfort and ease of movement.


Single-Breasted Dominance: Single-breasted suit jackets are now more popular than ever, especially in modern custom suiting. They offer a clean, simple front and are versatile for various occasions. Double-breasted styles, while still available, have taken a back seat in terms of popularity.


These changes in silhouette reflect a shift towards a more tailored, body-conscious, and contemporary look in custom suiting. The sleek, streamlined fit ensures that the suit not only looks elegant but also complements the wearer's physique, making it a popular choice for those who seek a fashionable and sophisticated appearance in the 21st century.



Aaron Clark, Senior Irvine Style Consultant

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