Mastering The Different Types of Lapels

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Mastering The Different Types of Lapels

Choosing the right lapel for different occasions is a subtle yet significant aspect of dressing well. Lapels come in various styles, but the two main types are notched lapels and peaked lapels. Here's a general guide on when to choose each:

Notched Lapels:

  • Casual and Business Casual Events: Notched lapels are commonly found on casual and business casual jackets, such as blazers and sport coats. They are suitable for everyday wear and less formal occasions.
    • Examples: Wear a blazer with notched lapels for a casual dinner, a weekend gathering, or a business casual office setting. Pair it with chinos or dark jeans for a polished yet relaxed look.
  • Daytime Events: For events held during the day, notched lapels are often a good choice as they convey a more relaxed and approachable look.
    • Examples: Opt for notched lapels on a light-colored sport coat for daytime weddings, brunches, or outdoor events. The notch provides a balance between formality and approachability suitable for daylight occasions.

Peaked Lapels:

  • Formal and Black-Tie Events: Peaked lapels are more formal and are often seen on tuxedos and evening jackets. They add a touch of elegance and are appropriate for weddings, galas, and other formal occasions.
    • Examples: Choose a tuxedo with peaked lapels for formal events like weddings, galas, or awards ceremonies. The peaked lapels add a touch of sophistication, making it clear that the occasion calls for a higher level of formality.
  • Business Formal: In business formal settings, like important meetings or ceremonies, you might opt for a peaked lapel for a more polished appearance.
    • Examples: When attending important business meetings, corporate ceremonies, or conferences, consider a well-tailored suit with peaked lapels. It exudes professionalism and is a step above the more casual notched lapels.

Shawl Lapels:

  • Black-Tie Events: Shawl lapels are typically found on dinner jackets and are a classic choice for black-tie events. They provide a sophisticated and timeless look.
    • Examples: Embrace the classic look of a shawl lapel on a black dinner jacket for black-tie events or formal dinners. This timeless choice complements a bow tie and creates a refined, elegant appearance.

Choosing Lapel Width:

  • Slim Lapels: Modern and stylish, slim lapels are often associated with contemporary fashion. They work well for a more streamlined and youthful appearance.
    • Examples: For a modern and trendy look, choose a suit or blazer with slim lapels. This style is popular in contemporary fashion and works well for social events, date nights, or gatherings where a stylish appearance is desired.
  • Wide Lapels: Wide lapels are more traditional and can add a vintage or classic touch to your outfit. They are often seen on double-breasted jackets.
    • Examples: Opt for a jacket with wider lapels for a more traditional or vintage aesthetic. This can be fitting for formal occasions with a classic theme, or when you want to add a touch of retro flair to your ensemble.
Remember to consider the overall fit of the jacket, as well as your body type, when choosing lapels. The key is to strike a balance that aligns with the occasion, your personal style, and current fashion trends. Ultimately, confidence in your choice is crucial for carrying off any lapel style with panache.

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