BOGO Initiative

One of TruTailor Co.’s ongoing visions is to be a company that gives.


A lot of us have been there. Finding a job is difficult. This is a sentiment most people can share and it is definitely not a foreign concept to us, here at TruTailor Co. All of us have experienced the daunting task of job searching in hopes of finding something that will turn into a career. It is a very arduous journey and even with ample resources, it doesn’t always turn out the way one hopes.

We have been fortunate enough to find our calling through this business and with all the opportunities and blessings we have been given, we know that it is our duty to give back.

In this competitive job market, we fully recognize that every opportunity to make a great and lasting first impression is one of paramount importance. Knowing this, we wanted to provide a way for men who do not have the resources to make the best first impression they can. This is how we came up with our BOGO (Buy One, Give One) Initiative.

You buy any garment and we give a garment to Career Gear (

We chose to partner with Career Gear because their mission mirrors the vision TruTailor Co. has in the way we want to serve our community.

Career Gear provides low-income men with services to help them with:

Job Readiness (interview clothing, image consultation, interview preparation)
Professional Development (job search techniques, financial literacy, life-skills development)
Mentoring (resume and job search techniques, credit and debt management, healthy lifestyle coaching)

Naturally, we are best equipped to help Career Gear with their candidates’ interview clothing needs. TruTailor Co. will donate a garment for every purchase made.

As we grow as a company, our initiative is to broaden the scope of our giving beyond the borders of America to help men in other countries to make their best first impression.

We believe that love in action is hope restored.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you from all of us at TruTailor Co.


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